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Supporting Zero Hungry Kids Program

I am thankful Guest Book had the privilege to volunteer and support the Breakman Foundation's Zero Hungry Kids program in conjunction with Rubrik's VIP Chuckwagon and Charity Auction at the Calgary Stampede 2022. The event and silent auction proved to be a huge success, raising $10,120.00 for the program!

Zero Hungry Kids is community based, run 100% by volunteers, and funded through exciting and fun filled events throughout the year. In Calgary alone there are over 5000 children EVERY DAY that go without nutrition. The program focuses on the most vulnerable, Kindergarten to Grade 6 schools and provides an industrial fridge full of milk throughout the school year. Guest Book purchased "The Moose" painting by 13yr old Hennessey Raine Krivak for $500 and $500 in brand development with Filter Marketing at the silent auction. Hennessey Raine Krivak is a young and talented artist that has sold her artwork since the age of 10 years old, raising enough funds to feed over 30,000 children and counting! See the Moose painting by Hennessey below. Filter Marketing is working with us on a NEW and improved logo for brand identity development. Stay tuned for our fresh new look! A huge thank you to the home owners who donated a three night stay at their properties. Combined, Guest Book Vacation Rentals raised a total of $2417 for the initiative!


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