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"Unwind and Recharge: A Closer Look at the April 12-15 Yoga Retreat Agenda"

Friday Afternoon – Check-in & Orientation

Friday PM

Enjoy an introductory BUTI yoga session, a chance to experience scenic Sicamous and be surrounded by nature. Accompanied by tribal beats, afro beats and calming frequencies. Followed by a meet and greet and local wine tasting.

Saturday AM

An optional 60 minute flow yoga session, where you can join the morning crew for gentle stretch and flow yoga to awaken your body and focus on your individual needs.

Saturday PM

GET GLOWING!! A “glow” Buti Yoga Session where you can get to your primal roots and release your inner child. Centered around fun and freedom, you will be provided with glow body paints, uplifting and upbeat music to shake out your daily stresses and embrace the freedom to move your body, and feel the joy in this light-hearted Buti Yoga session.

Sunday – A day of reflection and healing

Start your day with a with Buti Yoga session focused on the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras to get the energy flowing for the day ahead. Empowering us to experience the beauty inside and all around us. Followed by an exploration of the nature surrounding us. Taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of beautiful Mara Lake. Unlike a typical hike, this will be a relaxing stroll allowing us to truly embrace and show gratitude for the blessings this area has to offer.

Sunday PM

Art therapy. Participate in a fun little art project and build your own rock art to take home as a symbol of your experience. Finally, a grounding yoga and breathwork session allows you to reflect on the experience and the lessons you have embraced during your retreat. Breath work allows you to resonate on the beauty around you, and to expel what no longer serves you. This yoga session will focus on the crown, third eye and throat chakras. This session will end with mantras, affirmations, as well as a sharing circle, in order to share our gratitude and experiences with one another.

Monday AM

There will also be an optional 60 Minute flow yoga session before Check-out, if you would like to join us!

More Information:

For more information on our Yoga Retreats click HERE!

Note: Agenda subject to change. A more detailed agenda will be provided in your welcome package

What is BUTI Yoga? Glad you asked... Check out the attached information!

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