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Danielle's Packing Guide for your Sicamous Vacation

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Not sure what to pack for your vacation? I am here to help with some simple packing tips and printable packing lists.

One of the biggest mistakes when packing for vacation is OVER PACKING! If you are staying at a vacation rental home, check the property listing to see what amenities are already provided. Often, your vacation home will provide essentials like beach towels, linens, hair dryer, coffee, tea, and basic spices. Some vacation homes may also include little extras like beach chairs, umbrellas, life jackets and beach toys. If you are unsure and/or the property listing does not detail those extra amenities, simply contact the property manager or home owner and ask.

Less is more! Ever gone on vacation and found that you wore only half of the clothes you brought? Most vacation homes will have washer and dryers and provide laundry detergent. Pack minimally with a few of your favorite duds and wash your clothes while on vacation.

Packing less means it is much easier to pack up at the end of your trip and you are less likely to leave behind personal items.

Understandably, you don't want to forget any essentials. I have found some great printable packing guides for your summer and winter vacation here in Mara Lake & the Shuswap.

Click here to download and print the Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List.

Click here for SnoRider's Guide to "Whats in your Backpack?" for your next Snowmobile Trip.

Have some good packing tips? Feel free to leave a comment.

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