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Best Practices when Travelling During Corona-Virus Pandemic

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It is important to protect yourself, your family as well as the people in the communities that you plan to visit. In order to minimize the risk, here are some recommendations.


  1. Before you travel, check how many cases are recorded at your destination and check to see if there are any travel restrictions.

  2. Ask property managers and/or hotel staff about their cancellation policy should you need to cancel due to Covid.

  3. Wear gloves while fueling up on route to your destination and toss the gloves right after use. And avoid touching high touch points while you travel.

  4. If possible, bring your provisions with you so that you do not have to purchase essential services in the communities you visit. This will help prevent the spread.

  5. If you need to shop for provisions, use hand sanitizer before and after you shop and don't touch your face.

  6. Contact your property manager or hotel staff regarding their cleaning protocols. They should be disinfecting all high touch points; door/cupboard handles, light switches, remotes, as well as all surfaces.

  7. Bring your own sanitizer and wash your own hands frequently. Even though cleaning staff do their best to disinfect the area, they may miss something. At least once daily, clean and disinfect surfaces that you touch often, like toilets, bedside tables, doorknobs, phones and television remotes.

  8. Should you choose to do so, wear a mask. If you do not agree with wearing masks, check local requirements as some cities and towns are mandating them. Be respectful of the local requirements.

  9. Inform your property manager/hotel staff if you begin to feel ill during your stay or within 2 weeks of departure, so that they can make the necessary measures to reduce the risk/spread.

  10. You still need to follow the social distancing mandates in the communities you are visiting. Keep your distance at 2 meters apart!

  11. Do not travel in large groups. Stick to travelling with family members who live in the same household.

I wish you safe and happy travels during this strange time!

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